Lucky Trimmer in the Park // 2012

RadioEins 15th Birthday Celebration

25 August 2012

Brevity is the soul of wit… LUCKY TRIMMER presents a one-time open air edition for the RadioEins Birthday Celebrations at Park am Gleisdreieck! For this special event, LUCKY TRIMMER offers a performative walk with dance, theatre and video works by Berlin artists that spread across different stations throughout the park scape.


Jessy Tuddenham

Jessy & Lei present…Jessy!

How to present a contact-improvisation duet with only one performer?

Choreography // Jessy Tuddenham

Performance // Jessy Tuddenham

Yukihiro Taguchi

Moment- Performatives Spazieren

Video installation in which planks of wood are set in motion / stop-motion with 2500 photos

Videographer // Yukihiro Taguchi

Music // Composed by Oliver Frick, played by the ensemble (Saeko Takayama, Violin; Junko Yamamoto, Piano; Sun-Min Shim, Percussion)

Sonya Levin

The Day Before

A little piece, a smile, a feeling for the moment that happened before

Choreography // Sonya Levin

Performance // Sonya Levin

Music // Yesterday, The Beatles

Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

They Survived

Choreography // Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

Performance // Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

Music // ‘Salterello’, Micrologus; ‘Salve Regina in F minor’, Pergolesi

Costumes // Ini Dill

Support // Mime Centrum Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Tanzprobebühne Marameo

Thomas Jeker


An intricate love conundrum between a Fish and a Bird

Performance // Thomas Jeker

Music // fish&bird by Tom Waits, arr. by Thomas Jeker