About Us

Lucky Trimmer
Spotlighting international artists one outrageous production at a time! Some are subtle, some are silly, some are dancy, some are talky –

LUCKY TRIMMER provides a stage for some of the boldest and most innovative performers from around the world to present their dance, theater, or you name it performances. Featuring a few newcomers, some seasoned pros, a dash of daring, a pinch of surprise, and a whole lot of lucky!

Big thumbs up for you! Having the chance to perform in Berlin was unique. I felt I was performing in front of a well-educated audience. It was inspiring to see what other artists had in mind and to witness their creative choices.

Corneliu Ganea

I definitely enjoyed it and found it surprising, fresh, original. In some moments it was very funny and in some others I could reflect or feel near to what the artists were expressing with a lot of intensity.

Lara Tovazi

Fabulous show! I am still giggling every time I think of the ladies from “Pink” nakedly sledging over the wet stage floor and shooting with a music-playing toy gun, totally surreal…!

Lea Kott

 Très belle soirée de danse! M´a vraiment surpris la diversité de propositions. BRAVO ! KEEP GOING LIKE THIS ! 

Audience Member

Ich bin totbegeistert, gelangweilt und habe Hunger! Hoffe, nie wieder hier her zu müssen.

Audience Member

Tolles Format. Hohe Qualität. Hat viel Spaß gemacht. Danke. 

Hanna Koller

LUCKY TRIMMER is a platform for artists who push the envelope and take risks with their artistic vision. Be it mainstream or avant garde, we’re open to all genres of dance and performance.With a curated selection of short performance pieces chosen for their novelty, ingenuity, and sass, LUCKY TRIMMER creates extravagant feature-length programs that showcase diverse perspectives, bold insight, and unfettered artistry. And sometimes we mix in a bit of quirky kitsch for kicks! Be it mainstream or avant garde, we’re open to all genres of dance and performance. LUCKY TRIMMER isn’t just a performance series for polished professionals. We have helped plenty of up and coming artists launch their careers. What unites our performers is their desire to dazzle, inspire, and move audiences. To tears, to laughter, to get down and boogie! So long as they can do it in under 10 minutes! Have you got what it takes to get lucky?