Lucky Changemaker

An initiative supporting artists that use their creativity to affect positive social change.

Since 2016 LUCKY TRIMMER has invested in daring new projects that incorporate physicality, movement or performance in an effort to create meaningful change in their community, city, country or the world.

Whether an independent artist or collective who demonstrates artistic excellence and uses their practice as an innovative conduit for a social cause, we look for projects that showcase how art’s social dimension, addressing cultural responsiveness and responsibility.

Winning LUCKY CHANGEMAKERS receive a cash grant to support the continuation or realization of the project.


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The Changemakers


Simone Sistarelli  // 2016

LUCKY TRIMMER rewarded Simone Sistarelli with the LUCKY CHANGEMAKER grant for his involvement with the Parkinson’s community. The key concept of the Popping for Parkinson classes is to use the Popping dance technique as an innovative therapeutic tool towards improving the physical condition of people affected by the Parkinson’s disease. It is the first time that Popping dance has been used as a tool for medical purposes and the feedback until now has been very positive: Participants do not only get better at moving their bodies, controlling and lessening the tremors but they also gain confidence, feel less socially isolated and have fun. The other factor that influenced LUCKY TRIMMER in rewarding Simone with the grant is that he is offering the weekly class for free and that fundings are necessary for him to continue to do so.

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Diana Teresa Gutierrez & Signa Schiavo-Campo // 2016

Embodying Reconciliation Museum” is a communitarian, collaborative and performative project that aims to make emerge the transformative power of arts, bodies and movement in Colombian vulnerable communities that have been affected by violence or armed conflict. Diana Teresa Gutierrez and Signa Schiavo-Campo facilitate and guide educational, cultural, and therapeutic processes with children and young people who have been affected by traumatic experiences, violent situations, and marginalisation in order to unfold personal and collective stories, memories and wounds. They use movement, dance, music, performance and film-making as modalities to promote social change in these disadvantaged communities. The aim is to empower these communities through recollection of memory, to promote the strengthening of social bonds through artistic practices and to bring a change at a wider level. By fostering reflection and questioning, “Embodying Reconciliation Museum” aspire to break cycles of violence and help rebuilding trust, peace and reconciliation. The LUCKY TRIMMER team was impressed and touched by the compelling initiative of Diana and Signa, their involvement with children and young people of disadvantage communities as well as their sincerity and deep desire to use arts as a tool for reconciliation.