Lucky Trimmer #18 // 2012

28 – 29 September, 2012

Sophiensaele, Berlin

The 18th LUCKY edition presents a bounty of fresh German premieres and provides an opportunity to get lost in a meditative labyrinth, to meet the ugly duckling who dances Swan Lake and to puzzle over bemusing French games.


Giacomo della Marina

What Then If About

A statement on the idea of constant anti-stillness

Choreography // Giacomo della Marina

Performance // Giacomo della Marina

Music // Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Collectif ÈS


What about you? Would you only eat one packet of crisps?

Choreography // Sidonie Duret, Jérémy Martinez, Emilie Szikora

Performance // Sidonie Duret, Jérémy Martinez, Emilie Szikora, Klara Morhain

Music // John Zorn

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Sophia Pintzou

For example, a productive day. Solo II

Finding the way from A to B and vice versa

Choreography // Sophia Pintzou

Performance // Anna Athanasiou, Sofia Pintzou

Music // Tassis Christoyannis

Costumes // Eleni Melissari

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Thomas Small

Falling Man

Hauntingly beautiful meditation of a catastrophe

Choreography // Thomas Small

Performance // Tom Pritchard

Music // Max Richter

Support // Creative Scotland

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Additional Info // Emma Jones (light design)

Emma Murray

You should have seen me

How many times do you have to say no before it means yes? OR How many years does it take for you to turn into your mother?

Choreography // Emma Murray

Performance // Emma Murray

Music // Bob Dylan, David Hirschfeld and the Bogo Pogo Orchestra

Costumes // Simone Hoffman

Support // Kulturamt of Bern and Kanton Bern

Outside Eye // Oded Littman (dramaturgy)

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese


Doubt, objection, hesitation…and suddenly: the power of decision making – where to!

Choreography // Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese

Performance // Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese, Juko Matsuyama

Music // Juko Matsuyama

Costumes // Mercedes del Rosario Appugliese

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Ivan Thorley

Swan Song

The Dying Swan is revisited by the Ugly duckling; part swan, part clown, part naked, there’s something for everyone

Choreography // Ivan Thorley

Performance // Joseph Mercier

Music // Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Support // Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

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