Lucky Trimmer #19 // 2013

5 – 6 April 2013

Sophiensaele, Berlin

After the long winter, spring has finally sprung, bringing with it a fresh new collection of international artists presenting their newest short pieces for the LUCKY audience’s delight and amazement


Murielle Elizeon & Angelika Thiele

Waiting for Pablo

Choreography // Murielle Elizeon, Angelika Thiele

Performance // Murielle Elizeon, Angelika Thiele

Music // Geraldo Matos Rodriguez

Costumes // Sarah Marguier

Support // Art Blau, Kunstmühle, Braunschweig

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Lucia Marote

El Pié

What remains when there’s nothing left?

Choreography // Lucia Marote

Performance // Lucia Marote

Music // Nina Simone

Costumes // Lucia Marote

Support // Espacio en Blanco, Madrid

Outside Eye // Pep Español

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Additional Info // El Pié is inspired on a short story by Andrés Marote


Die galactik Twins

Gimme to me baby!


Performance // Simon Hartmann, Daniel Ernesto Müller

Music // Johannes Hartmann

Costumes // Versace

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Irene Cortina González


Polvo is inspired by Irene´s relationship with time. A love affair with death.

Choreography // Irene Cortina González

Performance // Irene Cortina González

Music // Dino Spiri

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Lander Patrick

Cascas d’OvO / Eggshells

This is not a love story

Choreography // Lander Patrick

Performance // Jonas Lopes, Lander Patrick

Music // Big Daddy

Costumes // Lander Patrick

Support // Materiais Diversos (co-production), Clara Antunes (Production)

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Maura Morales


“All truths work against us. But we continue our lives, because we just put up with them and refuse to draw the necessary conclusions.“ – Emil Cioran (A Short History of Decay)

Choreography // Maura Morales

Performance // Maura Morales

Music // Michio

Costumes // Maura Morales, Thin Nga Nguyen

Support // Kunstiftung NRW, MoveArts e.V, Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfallen

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Isnelle Da Silveira

MoNo, JeSu, MyRo

My roots are not where I come from but where I am going to

Performance // Isnelle Da Silveira

Music // Athenatius Nijholt, Isnelle da Silveira (text), Sika

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

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