Lucky Trimmer #20 // 2013

27 – 28, September 2013

Sophiensaele, Berlin

The 20th edition showcases the newest, most exciting, craziest, saddest, smartest and many more-mosts short pieces from the national and international performing arts scene. With no piece being like the other but all sharing the LUCKY gene, that’s how the AUTUMN STORM goes!


Márta Ladjánszki

Silence is Okay!

A beautiful graphic abstraction on a metamorphosis

Choreography // Márta Ladjánszki

Performance // Márta Ladjánszki, Zsolt Varga

Music // Zsolt Varga

Costumes // Butterfly

Premiere // German premiere

Support // L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility, EMMI

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth


Der Weg ist das Ziel

A rewarding journey: no destination in mind, yet focused

Choreography // Hong Nguyen Thai, Lukas Steltner

Performance // Hong Nguyen Thai, Lukas Steltner

Music // World’s End Girlfriend

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Harry Koushos

Could be Anyone

On the Meaning of Power

Choreography // Harry Koushos

Performance // Emi Korfia

Music // Ilias Vafeidis

Costumes // Filep Motwary

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Bridie Gane


The most disappointing piece you’ll see this year!

Choreography // Bridie Gane

Performance // Justyna Kalbarczyk

Music // Xavier Cugat

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Philippe Rives


On the tension between a beautifully disturbing image of a bomb exploding and a slow decaying body

Choreography // Philippe Rives

Performance // Philippe Rives

Music // Stéphane Rives

Support // Tanzfabrik Berlin, Deck3

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

C&C Company

Maria Addolorata

An investigation, and not a safe one for that matter, on an actual moment of suffering

Choreography // Carlo Massari, Chiara Taviani

Performance // Carlo Massari, Chiara Taviani

Music // Banda Ionica, Miranda Martino

Support // C&C Company, U.O.T (Unità di Organizzazione Teatrale)

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Meytal Blanaru


A glimpse into the imaginary world of Aurora, a wild woman child

Choreography // Meytal Blanaru

Performance // Meytal Blanaru

Music // Noam Dorembus

Costumes // Yaarit Eliyahu

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Support // Suzanne Dellal Center

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Milena Ugren Koulas

She Who Stays

A woman is a sack made to endure

Choreography // Milena Ugren Koulas

Performance // Milena Ugren Koulas, George Koulas

Music // George Koulas

Costumes // Ase Lazarou

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Cultural Department of the embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Germany

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Additional Info // Aleksandar Jotovic (light design)

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