Lucky Trimmer # 21 // 2014

05 – 06, April 2014

Sophiensaele, Berlin

LUCKY TRIMMER celebrates its 10th birthday with a “BEST OF” show: some of our most cheered and whooped former LUCKIES bring back to the Berlin stage their delightful “cream of the crop” performances wrapped in a 10 minute max package.

Mimi Messner & Clint Lutes

Willkommen! Welcome!

A special performative greeting from the LUCKY founders

Choreography // Mimi Messner, Clint Lutes

Performance // Mimi Messner, Clint Lutes

Music // John Kander (Marcus Johannsen remix)

Costumes // Mimi Messner, Clint Lutes

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Sonya Levin

The Day Before

A little piece, a smile, a feeling for the moment that happened before

Choreography // Sonya Levin

Performance // Sonya Levin

Music // The Beattles

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes


Das Röhren Der Hirsche

The piece contemplates why the world loves and needs our entire manhood, raising the question, whether it makes any sense at all to even doubt this fact

Choreography // HARTMANNMUELLER and Tim Gerhards

Performance // Simon Hartmann, Daniel Ernesto Mueller, Tim Gerhards,

Music // Ludwig van Beethoven, Tetris Remix

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Additional Info // Lea Burkhart (extra), Max Hemmersdorfer (Speaker)

Lucía Marote

El Pié

What remains when there’s nothing left?

Choreography // Lucía Marote

Performance // Lucía Marote

Music // Nina Simone

Support // Espacio en Blanco

Outside Eye // Pep Español

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Additional Info // Inspired on a short story by Andrés Marote

Jessy Tuddenham

How to…

A Kinesthetic Wonder, a Philosophical Meandering, an Enlightened Instruction, a Feat of Satisfaction, a Work of Art, a Folded Fitted Sheet!

Choreography // Cindy Tuddenham (Mother) & Jessy Tuddenham (Daughter)

Performance // Jessy Tuddenham

Music // Just in F Kennedy

Costumes // Jersey Knit – 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

La Macana


come, come here, no, you come

Choreography // Caterina Varela, Alexis Fernández

Performance // Caterina Varela, Alexis Fernández

Music // Einstürzende Neubauten

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Lander Patrick

Cascas d’OvO / Eggshells

This is not a love story

Choreography // Lander Patrick

Performance // Jonas Lopes & Lander Patrick

Music // Big Daddy

Costumes // Lander Patrick

Support // Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Goethe Institut in Lisbon

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Additional Info // Materiais Diversos (co-production), Clara Antunes (production)

Caroline Finn


Apple pie making at its best: A charming, although obsessive-compulsive character, Bernadette is faced with a mundane task which spirals into a touchingly futile struggle against chaos

Choreography // Caroline Finn

Performance // Caroline Finn

Music // Nouvelle Vague, Kodo

Costumes // Caroline Finn

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

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