Lucky Trimmer #22 // The Wall 2014

Photo by Thomas Hoepker

31. Oct & 01. Nov 2014

Sophiensaele, Berlin

To celebrate the conjuncture of its 10th birthday and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, LUCKY TRIMMER introduces for the first time ever a themed evening packed with a waterfall of World, European and German premieres. The result is a choppy and adventurous journey with 8 stopovers. This time on board of the creative ark are deep rooted origins for prejudice and division, forces that are imposed on us, a reflection on what constrains or frees us, a cry for equal rights, political statements and social criticism as well as a strife for togetherness and unity. 


Ini Dill

MAUER<>wir lieben dich

Choreography // Ini Dill

Performance // Arun Sunder Raj, Thomas Jacoby, Katja Scholz, Gilys Komova, Erol Alexandrov, Daniel Drabek, Masu, Hans Gerber, Alexander Fend

Music // Nitzsche&Hummel

Costumes // Ini Dill

Premiere // World Premiere

Support // die elektroschuhe

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Rachel Erdos


Leaving is not an option

Choreography // Rachel Erdos

Performance // Yoav Grinberg

Music // Carmel Raz

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Sofia Pintzou

über die Absicht

Nobody has the intention to built a wall

Choreography // Sofia Pintzou

Performance // Alexander Fend, Ming Poon, Sofia Pintzou

Premiere // World Premiere

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Tania Garrido Monreal


How deeply rooted and culturally ingrained is the etiology of division?

Choreography // Tania Garrido Monreal

Performance // Tania Garrido Monreal

Music // Murcof

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Colectivo Tú y Yo


Withstanding The Wall of Gender, a cry for equal rights

Choreography // Isabel Aguerrebere Gomez Urquiza, Eduardo Esquivel

Performance // Isabel Aguerrebere Gomez Urquiza, Eduardo Esquivel

Costumes // Leke tikotto

Premiere // European Premiere

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth


Moneybag´s Arse Wipe

Walls are built by many to protect the few. The Sewers from East and West carry the same shit, richesse and pauperism meet down the lawless drain to bring the world to annihilation

Choreography // Daniel Hay-Gordon, Eleanor Perry

Performance // Daniel Hay-Gordon, Eleanor Perry

Music // Scott Walker

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Elena Antoniou

First Arch

A human architectural metaphor for crumbling conventions and structures

Choreography // Elena Antoniou

Performance // Elena Antoniou

Music // Yannis Kyriakides, Andy Moor

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Rialto Theater, the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Germany

Outside Eye // Polys Peslikas

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Lucía Marote


What will finally break the invisible walls that separate us all ? In recent years tango has exploded as one of the trendiest social activity all over the world reflecting the profound need for people to reconnect with others in on our individual driven and walled-in societies

Choreography // Lucía Marote

Performance // Poliana Lima, Lucía Marote

Music // Juan D’Arienzo and Vidal

Premiere // World Premiere

Support // Espacio en Blanco, Centro de Danza Canal

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

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