10 Years Best of // Brandenburg Special, 2014

12 November, 2014

Großes Haus im Brandenburger Theater

To celebrate its 10th birthday, LUCKY TRIMMER goes on the road with a special edition presenting some of our most beloved pieces of the last decade in Brandenburg. This Best Of will soften our hearts, twist our senses and once again take our breath away. Promised!



Der Weg ist das Ziel

Once you start, there are always new directions that are worth taking. In Der Weg ist das Ziel, Hong Nguyen Thai & Lukas Steltner leave their base of classical Bboying and go their own way with elements of modern dance. No goal in front of their eyes and yet focused.

Choreography // Hong Nguyen Thai, Lukas Steltner

Performance // Hong Nguyen Thai, Lukas Steltner

Music // World’s End Girlfriend

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Howool Baek

Nothing for Body

In the choreography NOTHING for Body the body becomes a stage and her fingers and toes become actors and dancers. Howool Baek succeeds in drawing attention to details and transforming various parts and niches of her body into kinetic units of meaning, into playful images with unexpected punch lines. Baek uses the body as a means of creation, a landscape that animates and amazes and admires our imagination.

Choreography // Howool Baek

Performance // Howool Baek, Matthias Erian

Music // Matthias Erian

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Colectivo Tú y yo


In Mexico, the demand for equal rights for men and women is a never-ending struggle. Socially constructed gender roles nourish these prejudices, which exclude others and prevent further development. “Life” presents the dialogue of two beings unconsciously trying to tear down the wall that prevents them from truly integrating into society. Both have already shown Life in several places in Mexico. It is currently seen as one of Mexico’s most innovative performances.

Choreography // Isabel Aguerrebere Gomez Urquiza, Eduardo Esquivel

Performance // Isabel Aguerrebere Gomez Urquiza, Eduardo Esquivel

Costumes // Leke tikotto

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Bridie Gane


Inspired by the movement material of Eleanor Powell and Ginger Rodgers, a dancer tries to restore the magic of the movies of the 30s and 40s. However, despite all her efforts, something is missing: the enthusiasm and charisma that her predecessors radiated.

Choreography // Bridie Gane

Performance // Justyna Kalbarczyk

Music // Xavier Cugat

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Sofia Pintzou

For example, a productive day. Solo II

“For example, a productive day. Solo II” is the continuation of a work that was created as part of a coaching project with the well-known Bulgarian choreographer Ivo Dimchev during the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna. It is a spherical piece that immerses the viewer in a meditative mood to tell of searching, finding and finding again.

Choreography // Sofia Pintzou

Performance // Sofia Pintzou, Iris Fousteri

Music // Labyrinth, Tassis Christoyannis

Costumes // Eleni Melissari

La Macana


La Macana celebrates the flow of movement with great aesthetics in their brilliant and intense duet VEN. Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández fascinate with their perfect interplay, which seems to override the laws of gravity.

Choreography // La Macana

Performance // Caterina Varela, Alexis Fernández

Music // Einstürzende Neubauten

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Sonya Levin

The Day Before

In a tightrope act between bone dry choreography and emotional climax The Day Before painfully shows the advantages of patience.

Choreography // Sonya Levin

Performance // Sonya Levin

Music // The Beatles

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

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