Lucky Trimmer #23 // 2015

12 & 13, June 2015

Sophiensaele, Berlin

With record high submissions a selection was pleasantly agreed upon for LUCKY TRIMMER 23rd edition bringing artists from all around the world to the center of Berlin. In our world travel multiple journeys take place, take us with them and leave us with seven different recollections to hold onto. 


Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

I know №.Thing

Besides the №. of Things I know, I realize that I know nothing…

Choreography // Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

Performance // Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

Music // Anna Żebrowska, Sława Przybylska

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

B.Dance Company

Floating Flowers

Every ups and downs in life are part of a self-searching process.

Choreography // Po-Cheng Tsai

Performance // Sheng-Ho Chang & Chiung-Tai Huang

Music // Zoe Keating

Costumes // Po-Cheng Tsai

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Julia Geröcs

Lara (Kakologie, II. Teil)

A performance about paraplegy, diarrhea and Heidi

Choreography // Julia Geröcs

Performance // Julia Geröcs

Costumes // Julia Geröcs

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Don Cañalero

Contigo o sin tí

With our without you, I´ll keep going

Choreography // Miguel Pérez García

Performance // Miguel Pérez García, Edson Garza, Heber Cruz

Music // Heber Cruz

Premiere // Eureopean Premiere

Support // Catapulta, Encuentro de sorpresas escénicas, Isabel Aguerrebere y Eduardo Esquivel

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Francesca Foscarini


A body letting go of the past, the urgency of being present in the here and now, never knowing what will happen next, moved by the rhythm of breath, memories, and light conquering darkness

Choreography // Francesca Foscarini

Performance // Francesca Foscarini

Music // Damien Rice

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Organization and residency Arti e Spettacolo L’Aquila, Teatro Nobelperlapace di San Demetrio (AQ), Associazione Culturale VAN

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Anna Aristarkhova

Duet for two tongues

Show me your tongue baby!

Choreography // Anna Aristarkhova

Performance // Karina Suarez Bosche, Anton Soloveychik

Music // The Andrews Sisters

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Support // HZT Berlin

Outside Eye // Philipp Amelungsen

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Additional Info // Harry Heutink (light design)



An addictive reflection on the affective bonds we all endure

Choreography // Judith Argomaniz

Performance // Jaiotz Osa, Judith Argomaniz

Music // Fink, Pan Sonic, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

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