German Connections // 2016

9 March 2016

tanzmainz festival UPDATE

LUCKY TRIMMER German Connections! presents selected pieces from the LUCKY TRIMMER history with a special German flair. The multifaceted creations of this special edition within the framework of tanzmainz are either “Made in Germany”, i.e. produced by artists based in Germany, or influenced by the local culture.


Sonya Levin

The Day Before

A little piece, a smile, a feeling for the moment that happened before

Choreography // Sonya Levin

Performance // Sonya Levin

Music // The Beatles

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Maura Morales


“All truths work against us. But we continue our lives, because we just put up with them and refuse to draw the necessary conclusions..“ – Emil Cioran (A Short History of Decay)

Choreography // Maura Morales

Performance // Maura Morales

Music // Michio

Costumes // Maura Morales, Thin Nga Nguyen

Support // Kunstiftung NRW,MoveArts e.V,Ministerium für Familie,Kinder,Jugend,Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfallen

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth


Das Röhren Der Hirsche

The piece contemplates why the world loves and needs our entire manhood, raising the question, whether it makes any sense at all to even doubt this fact.

Choreography // HARTMANNMUELLER and Tim Gerhards

Performance // Simon Hartmann, Daniel Ernesto Mueller, Tim Gerhards

Music // Ludwig van Beethoven, Tetris Remix, Max Hemmersdorfer (speaker)

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Bridie Gane


The most disappointing piece you’ll see this year!

Choreography // Bridie Gane

Performance // Justyna Kalbarczyk

Music // Xavier Cugat

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Anna Aristarkhova

Duet for two tongues

Show me your tongue baby!

Choreography // Anna Aristarkhova

Performance // Charles Washington, Karina Suarez Bosche

Music // The Andrew Sisters

Support // HZT Berlin

Outside Eye // Philipp Amelungsen

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer



come, come here, no, you come

Choreography // Alexis Fernández, Caterina Varela

Performance // Alexis Fernández, Caterina Varela

Music // Einstürzende Neubauten

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Caroline Finn


We love the tart part of it! Apple pie making at its best: A charming, although obsessive-compulsive character, Bernadette is faced with a mundane task which spirals into a touchingly futile struggle against chaos

Choreography // Caroline Finn

Performance // Caroline Finn

Music // Nouvelle Vague, Kodo

Costumes // Caroline Finn

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

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