Lucky Trimmer #24 // 2016

25 & 26 March, 2016

Sophiensaele, Berlin

This Easter LUCKY TRIMMER comes prepared with a basket full of 10-Minute surprises: the performers bring to life the recollection of Twin Peaks, a completely new interpretation of Strauss’ waltz, take us on the boarder of slowness and duration and reconstruct the tragic end of Totilas at the Grand Prix of dressage riding. The evening comes to a close with a pop-art-anti-drama and with a solo that is intended to get underneath the skin.


Samuel Lefeuvre


A modern oracle scanning the audience for an unknown force that will ultimately consume him

Choreography // Samuel Lefeuvre

Performance // Samuel Lefeuvre

Music // Samuel Lefeuvre

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Dagmar Dachauer

Wie soll ich das erklären

A solo re-incarnation of Strauß’ waltz

Choreography // Dagmar Dachauer

Performance // Dagmar Dachauer

Music // Johann Strauß

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Co-produced by umfug and Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Motimaru Dance Company


Recalling the origin of human art in the spirit of the experimental avant-garde

Choreography // Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo

Performance // Motoya Kondo, Tiziana Longo, Hoshiko Yamane

Music // Hoshiko Yamane

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Paul Hess

Totilas – der Ritt

A TV-Record, music, a reporter and a dancer or an animal in the quad

Choreography // Paul Hess

Performance // Paul Hess

Music // tv record, Paul van Dyk, Carsten Sostmeier (voice)

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Support // Produced by artscenico

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Sofia Krantz


anti drama release the story , anti individual release the ego

Choreography // Sofia Krantz

Performance // Gefen Liberman, Adar Riklis, Perry Lustiger, Yael Aberbuch, Adi Peled

Costumes // studiob6

Premiere // European Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Antonin Comestaz

Then, Before, Now, Once more

How do we cope with life’s course irrevocable nature when we seek eternal truth?

Choreography // Antonin Comestaz

Performance // Jefta Tanate, Inés Belda Nàcher

Music // Aphex Twin, Robert Lippok, Nicolas Jaar

Premiere // Berlin Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Nadar Rosano

Red Belt

Born from the desire to acknowledge and sense both the living and dead moments that constitute human experience

Choreography // Nadar Rosano

Performance // Nadar Rosano

Music // Raime, J.S. Bach

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // CONDER Dance festival (USA) and Breaking ground Festival (USA), the cultural department of the Israeli embassy

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

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