Lucky Trimmer Does Wales // 2016

16 July 2016

Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Wales UK


LUCKY TRIMMER, the beloved Berlin festival for short pieces, is coming to Wales! By gathering seven of its most cheered and whooped artists and their “cream of the crop” 10 minute performances, the unique program LUCKY TRIMMER DOES WALES! promises breathtaking diversity with its unconventional approach – this time featuring a special selection of international bite-sized treats seasoned with a light pinch of entertainment and a generous dose of challenging artistic awesomeness


Dagmar Dachauer

Wie soll ich das erklären

A solo re-incarnation of a Strauss waltz

Choreography // Dagmar Dachauer

Performance // Dagmar Dachauer

Music // Johann Strauss

Support // UMFUG and Plesni Teater Ljubljana, kulturRaum Klagenfurt, Tanzetage Klagenfurt, Summer Studios Brussels, Mediteranski plesni centar Svetvinčenat, Mediterranean Dance Centre (San Vincenti, Croatia)

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Francesca Foscarini


A body letting go of the past, the urgency of being present in the here and now, never knowing what will happen next, moved by the rhythm of breath, memories, and light conquering darkness

Choreography // Francesca Foscarini

Performance // Francesca Foscarini

Music // Damien Rice

Support // Organization and residency Arti e Spettacolo L’Aquila, Teatro Nobelperlapace di San Demetrio (AQ), Associazione Culturale VAN

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Yukihiro Taguchi

Moment – Performatives Spazieren

Video installation in which planks of wood are set in motion / stop-motion with 2500 photos

Videographer // Yukihiro Taguchi

Music // Oliver Frick (played by the ensemble

Lucia Marote

El Pie (The Foot)

What remains when there’s nothing left?

Choreography // Lucia Marote

Performance // Lucia Marote

Music // Nina Simone

Support // Espacio en Blanco, Madrid

Outside Eye // Pep Español

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

B.Dance Company

Floating Flowers

Every ups and downs in life are part of a self-searching process.

Choreography // Po-Cheng Tsai

Performance // Yi-Ting Tsai, Guang-Xuan Chen

Music // Zoe Keating

Costumes // Po-Cheng Tsai

Support // 台灣—國家文化藝術基金會 / National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Samuel Lefeuvre


A modern oracle scanning the audience for an unknown force that will ultimately consume him

Choreography // Samuel Lefeuvre

Performance // Samuel Lefeuvre

Music // Samuel Lefeuvre

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Caroline Finn


We love the tart part of it! Apple pie making at its best: A charming, although obsessive-compulsive character, Bernadette is faced with a mundane task which spirals into a touchingly futile struggle against chaos

Choreography // Caroline Finn

Performance // Caroline Finn

Music // Nouvelle Vague, Kodo

Costumes // Caroline Finn

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

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