Lucky Trimmer #25 // 2017

14 – 15, April 2017

Sophiensaele, Berlin

For our silver anniversary, ahem, for the 25th edition of the Tanz Performance Serie, a promising compass guides us through new perspectives and unexpected delights on the course of our voyage. From the poetry of movement to the powerhouse of flamenco, we follow the flight of Icarus and ponder the meandering of all or nothing. This year we celebrate the east, the south, the west and the north just in time for the seasons to change


Cie Wave


Si | Si explores duality and the paradox between the inner and outer reality of an individual and their true identity.

Choreography // Pauline Raineri

Performance // Erin O’Reilly

Music // Vimala (arrangements by Louis Richard)

Premiere // German Premiere

Support // Fondation Fluxum and Nestlé Fondation pour l’Art

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Uri Shafir

The Koloklum

The Koloklum is a solo work that describes an absurd state of existence, where the passion to choose all and be all meets the inability to choose anything

Choreography // Uri Shafir

Performance // Uri Shafir

Music // Samuel Barber

Costumes // Muslin Brothers

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Andrea Jiménez Vázquez


LUA digs deep into the powerful feminine fragility

Choreography // Andrea Jiménez Vázquez

Performance // Chantal Soler Payano, Andrea Jiménez Vázquez

Music // Andrea Jiménez

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Roxanna Küwen

Twenty Toes

Fifteen fingers or twenty toes?

Choreography // Roxanna Küwen

Performance // Roxanna Küwen

Music // Al Farid

Costumes // Aline Vincent

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Karline Marion & Simon Feltz


Phase is the construction of an ever evolving relationship that leaves a trail of breadcrumbs which ceaselessly brings us back to its origins

Choreography // Karline Marion & Simon Feltz

Performance // Daniela Zaghini, Simon Feltz

Music // Erik K Skodvin

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Jill Crovisier

Zement the solo

A work about the human responsibility on his political and personal acts

Choreography // Jill Crovisier

Performance // Jill Crovisier

Music // J.S. Bach (sang by Andreas Scholl)

Premiere // World Premiere

Support // 3 CL – Choreographic Center of Luxembourg

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Dennis Alamanos & Danae Dimitriadi


Τhe shadow of the night. The teeth in the darkness. Stealth, quiet I fall on to the earth chasing the blue sheep vertically down the mountain.

Choreography // Dennis Alamanos, Danae Dimitriadi

Performance // Dennis Alamanos, Danae Dimitriadi

Music // Constantine Skourlis

Costumes // Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Premiere // German Premiere

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

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