Mainz Gets Lucky // 2018

2-3 March 2018

Staatstheater Mainz in the frame of festival UPDATE #2

LUCKY TRIMMER is back in Mainz with a selection of special LUCKY gems. Get ready for a dance evening of a different kind, peppered with a good portion of chutzpah, a pinch of childhood headiness, plenty of surprise, emotion and humour as well as hearty excitement


Overhead Project & HeadFeedHands

[How To Be] Almost There

Two men in an atmosphere of breathlessness, despair, silent curvature and unsuspecting rebellion.

Choreography // Tim Behren, Maya Carroll, Anne Hirth, Florian Patschovsky

Performance // Tim Behren, Florian Patschovsky

Music // Roy Carroll, A Filetta, Pohjonen

Costumes // Alexandra Süssmilch

Support // In coproduction with Flottmann-Hallen/Stadt Herne. Supported by Theater Kunstdünger Valley, Belacqua Theater Wasserburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V, LAFT BW, Kulturamt Stadt Freiburg, Sparkasse Freiburg nördlicher Breisgau, Stiftung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Photo Credit // Günter Kraemmer

Julia Geröcs

Lara (Kakologie, II. Teil)

Lara is a performance about a paraplegic woman, diarrhea and Heidi

Choreography // Julia Geröcs

Performance // Julia Geröcs

Costumes // Julia Geröcs

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Antonin Comestaz

Then, Before, Now, Once more

The universe obeys the rule of constant change. Nothing remains as it is. Everything changes.

Choreography // Antonin Comestaz

Performance // Lukas Karvelis, Cassandra Arnmark

Music // Aphex Twin, Robert Lippok, Nicolas Jaar

Costumes // Antonin Comestaz

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Roxana Küwen

Twenty Toes

This poetic performance takes us into the universe of an unusual creature.

Choreography // Roxana Küwen

Performance // Roxana Küwen

Music // Al Farid

Costumes // Aline Vincent

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Francesca Foscarini


Grandmother is based on memories of Francesca’s grandmother. She is a woman who was a child, a girl and a mother.

Choreography // Francesca Foscarini

Performance // Francesca Foscarini

Music // Damien Rice

Support // Organization & residency Arti e Spettacolo L’Aquila,Teatro Nobelperlapace di San Demetrio (AQ),Associazione CulturaleVAN

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Uri Shafir

The Koloklum

The Koloklum describes an absurd state of existence in which the desire to decide for everything meets the inability to decide for anything at all

Choreography // Uri Shafir

Performance // Uri Shafir

Music // Samuel Barber

Costumes // Muslin Brothers

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Danae Dimitriadi, Dionysios Alamanos


Choreography // Danae Dimitriadi, Dionysios Alamanos

Performance // Danae Dimitriadi, Dionysios Alamanos

Music // Constantine Skourlis

Costumes // Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

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