Lucky Trimmer #15 // 2010

2-3 October 2010

Volksbühne, Hinterbühne, Berlin

The slightly different show within the Berlin scene co‐operates with the Volksbühne Berlin for its 15th installment. This time around our explosive gourmet‐snack‐menu teases the performative taste buds of the audience with 9 courses: award winning ballet and contemporary duets, animated strolling boards, hovering hearts, insights into a water kettle and into the complex world of numbers beyond 8 as well as the long awaited and inevitable return of Jessy & Lei!


Nadar Rosano

All the windows are open

An award winning duet about the complexity of relationships

Choreography // Nadar Rosano

Performance // Nadar Rosano, Dafna Mero, Omer Sigler (Guitar & Voice), Joe Rozen (Bass & Voice)

Music // Asaf Avidan & Daniela Spector

Costumes // The Underground

Support // Israeli Embassy

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Jessy Tuddenham

Jessy & Lei present…Jessy!

How to present a contact-improvisation duet with only one performer?

Choreography // Jessy Tuddenham

Performance // Jessy Tuddenham

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Asher Lev

The Kettle

Insights into an electrical kettle

Choreography // Asher Lev

Performance // Asher Lev

Music // Michael Nyman, Asher Lev (sound design)

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Yukihiro Taguchi

Moment- Performatives Spazieren

Video installation in which planks of wood are set in motion / stop-motion with 2500 photo

Videographer // Yukihiro Taguchi

Music // Composed by Oliver Frick, played by the ensemble (Saeko Takayama, Violin; Junko Yamamoto, Piano; Sun-Min Shim, Percussion)

Photo Credit // Yukihiro Taguchi

Boglárka Börcsök


An attempt to disprove the common myth that dancers can only count to 8

Choreography // Boglárka Börcsök

Performance // Boglárka Börcsök

Support // P.A.R.T.S., Alix Eynaudi

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Youn Hui Jeon

In Liebe entzwei

The urge for freedom clenched in two fists… Finding each other through letting go

Choreography // Youn Hui Jeon

Performance // Youn Hui Jeon, Moon Suk Choi

Music // Julien Blondel & Patrick Cassidy (Ausra Vaskeviciute, Violin; Julien Blondel, Cello)

Costumes // Youn Hui Jeon

Support // A production of the Saarländischen Staatstheater

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Peter Trabner

A.M.T.–10. Dezember 2008…so sieht’s aus!

Theatrical improvisation at its best!

Performance // Peter Trabner

Music // The Knife (Karin Dreijer Andersson & Olof Dreijer)

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Stéphen Delattre

From Bad to Worst

Two individuals attracted to each other but too different to fit together

Choreography // Stéphen Delattre

Performance // Stéphen Delattre, Antonin Comestaz

Music // Franz Schubert

Costumes // Stéphen Delattre

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

Marta Ziólek


The body is not a private affair…

Choreography // Marta Ziólek in collaboration with Florentina Holzinger

Videographer // Katarzyna Szugajew

Performance // Marta Ziólek & Florentina Holzinger

Music // The Rubettes, The Righteous Brothers

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

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