Lucky Trimmer #14 // 2010

27 February 2010

Volksbühne im Prater, Berlin

LUCKY TRIMMER takes its 14 edition up the road to the Volksbühne in Prater with a new set of short dance pieces by eleven choreographers from Germany and abroad.  The spectrum of pieces span from remarkably detailed movement studies and challenging physical extremes to highly pliable performance allied with breakdance.  Additionally, there is tightly wound theatricality, absurd black comedy sketches as well as a loving homage to Pina and Michael via an electro‐acoustic live act.


Séverine Lefèvre & Nathan Freyermuth

How I Killed Myself

Five strange and gloomy characters play with the idea of suicide and death

Choreography // Séverine Lefèvre & Nathan Freyermuth

Performance // Félix Maurin, Bryan Eliason, Killian Madeleine, Séverine Lefèvre, Nathan Freyermuth

Music // Wax Taylor, Georges Brassens

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

Meytal Blanaru


Lilly displays the difficulty in fulfilling a simple step

Choreography // Meytal Blanaru

Performance // Meytal Blanaru

Music // Koncept – Ma’ayan Smith, Composer – Lotem Asner, Editing – Noam Dorembus

Costumes // Siran Laper

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

The Mob & Frank Julie

A Tribute to Michael Jackson & Pina Bausch

enactment of a surprising, hilarious and touching homage to two sacred monsters

Choreography // Emma-Cecilia Ajanki & Julia Giertz

Performance // The Mob & Frank Julie

Music // Frank Julie (Julia Giertz)

Costumes // The Mob & Frank Julie

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

Tomi Paasonen

MONOGRAM – A Signature Piece

The prize‐winning solo Monogram transcribes a signature into choreographic patterns

Choreography // Tomi Paasonen

Performance // Kiriakos Hadjiioannou

Music // Mike Koloska *

Costumes // Tomi Paasonen & Sasa Kovsacevic

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

Olga Clavel & Miryam Mariblanca

Llena de Flores tu Boca

An intimate, passionate and violent encounter between two women

Choreography // Olga Clavel & Miryam Mariblanca

Performance // Miryam Mariblanca & Eulalia Bergada

Music // Luís Carmona, Yann Tiersen

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

Yaron Shamir


An endless struggle between being alone or together

Choreography // Yaron Shamir

Performance // Meytal Blanaru, Yaron Shamir

Music // Alva Noto

Photo Credit // Manuel Kranert/JET Foto

Caroline Finn


Apple-pie making at its best: Bernadette, a charming but obsessive-compulsive character, is faced with a mundane task which spirals into a touchingly futile struggle against chaos.

Choreography // Caroline Finn

Performance // Caroline Finn

Music // Nouvelle Vague, Kodo

Costumes // Caroline Finn

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes Photography

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