Help LUCKY TRIMMER support artists from across the globe and become a member of a burgeoning art community!

Do you want to help LUCKY TRIMMER to provide artists with the means and the stage for bringing their art to a larger audience? We appreciate every donation we get! Become a part of our LUCKY community and help the dance and performance scene thrive!

Donate your time before and during the show and become a vital member of the team that brings LUCKY TRIMMER to life. Let us know how you can help. We don’t bite!

75 €

Donate 75€ and feed an artist for three days.

200 €

Donate 200€ and pay for an artist’s 3-night hotel stay.

250 €

Donate 250€ and pay for an artist’s travel arrangements.

500 €

Donate 500€ and fund a piece.

Every donation makes a difference. Size really doesn’t matter!