Zurich Gets Lucky! // 2018

4 May 2018

Tanzhaus Zürich in the frame of ZÜRICH TANZT

LUCKY TRIMMER can be seen for the first time in Switzerland! In the unique program Zürich gets LUCKY! some of the most celebrated 10-minute LUCKY performances make a comeback to entertain the Swiss audience. The evening promises breathtaking variety with a selection of bite-sized, international delicacies, sugared with a pinch of entertainment and a large portion of artistic, challenging excellence.


Cie Wave

Si | Si

Si | Si explores duality and the paradox between the inner and outer reality of an individual and their true identity.

Choreography // Pauline Raineri

Performance // Erin O’Reilly

Music // Louis Richard

Support // Fondation Fluxum, Nestlé Fondation pour l’Art

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer



The piece contemplates why the world loves and needs our entire manhood, raising the question, whether it makes any sense at all to even doubt this fact

Choreography // HARTMANNMUELLER & Tim Gerhards

Performance // Simon Hartmann, Daniel Ernesto Mueller, Tim Gerhards

Music // Ludwig van Beethoven, Tetris Remix, Max Hemmersdorfer (speaker)

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Howool Baek

Nothing for Body

A body that lets go of the past, the necessity to be in the here and now, never knowing what happens next, moved by the rhythm of breathing, memories and light that breaks through the darkness.

Choreography // Howool Baek

Performance // Howool Baek, Matthias Erian

Music // Matthias Erian

Support // Tanz Hotel

Photo Credit // Daniel Barth

B.Dance Company

Floating Flowers

Every ups and downs in life are part of a self-searching process.

Choreography // Po-Cheng Tsai

Performance // Sheng-Ho Chang, I-Han Huang

Music // Zoe Keating

Costumes // Po-Cheng Tsai

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Lucia Marote

El Pie

What happens when there’s nothing left?

Choreography // Lucia Marote

Performance // Lucia Marote

Music // Nina Simone

Outside Eye // Pep Español

Photo Credit // Vreni Arbes

Uri Shafir

The Koloklum

The Koloklum describes an absurd state of existence in which the desire to decide for everything meets the inability to decide for anything at all.

Choreography // Uri Shafir

Performance // Uri Shafir

Music // Samuel Barber

Costumes // Muslin Brothers

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

Danae Dimitriadi & Dionysios Alamanos


Τhe shadow of the night. The teeth in the darkness. Stealth, quiet I fall on to the earth chasing the blue sheep vertically down the mountain.

Choreography // Danae Dimitriadi, Dionysios Alamanos

Performance // Danae Dimitriadi, Dionysios Alamanos

Music // Constantine Skourlis

Costumes // Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Photo Credit // Lena Meyer

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