Lucky Trimmer #2 // 2004

22 – 23 May, 2004

Goldener Saal, Tacheles, Berlin


Mariano Lopez Guido

DeLaTechem (Jonglage)

Pre Show Act – Treppenhaus

Choreography // Mariano Lopez Guido

Performance // Mariano Lopez Guido & Anne B.

Music // Kontrabass & Composition Anne B.

Steve Coe

By the Way


Videographer // Steve Coe



Choreography // Mimmi Messner

Performance // Mimmi Messner & Clint Lutes

Music // Marcus Johannsen



Choreography // Juschka Weigel, Simone Willeit, Erol Alexandrov

Performance // Juschka Weigel, Simone Willeit, Erol Alexandrov

Music // Phillip Scheffner

Costumes // Kilian Rinner

Joshua Poertner

Seven Minutes for Seven Days

Music // Faded Love by Patsy Cline

Clint Lutes

And yet, it moves

Choreography // Clint Lutes

Performance // Clint Lutes

Music // Hans Fahling

Costumes // Sabine Blickenstorfer & Clint Lutes

Premiere // Excerpt, Premiere 23.-25. April, Modafe Festival Seoul, Südkorea

Additional Info // Direction & Choreography Lukas Matthaei & Emily Poel

Valeria Borbonus

Tanz essen Musik auf

Idee / Konzept Valeria Borbonus

Choreography // Jadi Carboni & Valeria Borbonus

Performance // Jadi Carboni & Valeria Borbonus

Music // Valeria Borbonus

Costumes // Jadi Carboni & Valeria Borbonus

Amy Stafford

Auto Biography – The Hell Truck

Performance // Amy Stafford

Wee Dance Company


Choreography // Wee Dance Company

Emily Poel

Weltmeister 1967

Choreography // Emily Poel

Performance // Emily Poel

Additional Info // Ton/Konzept/Moderator: Erik Freding

Anne Poncet-Staab

Péché Nr.5

Choreography // Anne Poncet-Staab

Performance // Erol Alexandrov, Sandrine Battut, Tina Krämer, Clint Lutes, Anne Poncet-Staab, Bärbel Strehlau

Music // Uagadougou by Franz Franz, In Memorian 1. Wr. Cajun Combo

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