Application Form

LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie Application
1. Basic Information of Applicant
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2. Program Information
Please write the following information exactly as you would like to have it in the program.
3. Submitting Your Video
LUCKY TRIMMER is a festival that presents short pieces of UP TO 10 minutes in length. We love to spotlight pieces that are even shorter than 10 minutes. Applications and/or videos with pieces that exceed the time limit cannot be considered. Please do not send us general trailers, videos of works not related to your application or a heavily edited rough-cut of your piece as these will not be considered.

The easiest and environmentally friendliest method to submit your video is to upload it to vimeo or another online video sharing service (please be aware that due to copyright regulations videos uploaded to YouTube are sometimes not viewable in Germany). If you are unable to provide a web link to your video, complete and submit the entry form online and then send a printed copy of the form with a DVD of your video by post to:

LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. Krausnickstrasse 16 D – 10115 Berlin

Please Note: Regular mail only, no registered mail, answer registered etc. Video material will not be returned.
4. Waiver
By submitting this application, the artist agrees to release the rights for any photos or videos made during the participation of LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie to LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. without a fee.*
5. Application Fee – 15 Euro
With the submission of your complete application we warmly welcome you as part of the LUCKY TRIMMER community. Your application represents a significant contribution towards the realization of this unique festival and helps ensure that LUCKY TRIMMER remains an influential showcase for the international dance and performance scene.

The proceeds from your application fee are used exclusively for the realization of the LUCKY TRIMMER Tanz Performance Serie. The dedicated people behind our organization all work for free. LUCKY TRIMMER does not receive any public funding and is only made possible with support from volunteers, private sponsors and people like you.