Congratulations to our 2018 Changemaker winner!

This year the LUCKY CHANGEMAKER bursary was granted to Seun Awobajo with his project - the Seaside Cottage Theatre in Bariga, Lagos (Nigeria) - out of over 200 applications! The Seaside Cottage Theatre is a community based live theatre project by FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ARTS for the...more


LUCKY TRIMMER is on the hunt for daring artistic projects that use creativity to affect positive social change! Apply before Saturday June 30th, 2018more












  • Fabulous show! I am still giggling every time I think of the ladies from "Pink" nakedly sledging over the wet stage floor and shooting with a music-playing toy gun, totally surreal...!Lea Kott (Sugarhigh competition winner)
  • The festival gathered together very good people that we were happy to come in contact with.Alma Söderberg (invited artist)
  • We are so lucky to have this festival in Berlin! The Tanz Performance Serie # 17 was amazing!Sofia Pintzou
  • I definitely enjoyed it and found it surprising, fresh, original. In some moments it was very funny and in some others I could reflect or feel near to what the artists were expressing with a lot of intensity.Lara Tovazzi
  • It was great to meet choreographers from Romania, Holland, Germany, Italy and more. I made some very good contacts.Gilat Amotz (invited artist)
  • Simply wonderful...the crew from LUCKY TRIMMER was easy, friendly, and very supportive. The Tanz Performance Serie promotes new dance audience in Berlin and opens the way for young choreographers to present their works. The diversity of the show introduces many directions of dance to the audience in only one evening. LUCKY TRIMMER is for me the new, creative, and progressive dance venue in Berlin.Youn Hui Jeon (invited choreographer from South Corea)
  • I loved it all!! The organization was top, the atmosphere was focused yet light... LUCKY TRIMMER is: exposure, laughs, support, community, re-working/ cleaning/ tightening/ perfecting a piece. Variety, technique, wild, beauty, fun, friendship building, contact creating, merging with the scene... Joy, joy, joy! So 500 euro may be what got me there, but the joy of the weekend is what will bring me back!Jessy Tuddenham (invited choreographer from the USA, working in Berlin since 2003)
  • Big thumbs up for you! Having the chance to perform in Berlin was unique. I felt I was performing in front of a well-educated audience. It was inspiring to see what other artists had in mind and to witness their creative choices. Corneliu Ganea (invited artist)
  • I had a GREAT experience at LUCKY TRIMMER. The format as an open platform for short works is very good. The program was very well selected and of good standard. There was a certain professionalism and efficiency about the organization which is a delight to work with! And last but not the least, you guys were very friendly and open which created a very relaxed atmosphere.Wei Meng Poon (performer)
  • It was very important for us to take part in this eventNadar Rosano (invited choreographer from Israel)
  • I was very impressed by your latest show, again!Mark
  • During LUCKY TRIMMER's performance I admired the dancers' technique, decided to start dancing, got head full of creative ideas, felt an inspirational rush, managed to re-connect with myself, experienced beauty, found movement, images and words for the things I've wanted to express and was generally amazed. It's not every day art does that for you. Peeps, if you're in need of anything mentioned above, wait until April 2013 when Lucky Trimmer returns. Until then, you know, just hang in there!Minna Partanen
  • LUCKY TRIMMER is a Yes-environmentEmma Lewis (Rehearsal Director / National Dance Company Wales)
  • From scandal to successStephen Delattre (invited choreographer from France)
  • It was awesome!Nicole Toyland (Sugarhigh competition winner)