Lucky Trimmer #6 // 2005

17-18 September 2005

Goldener Saal, Tacheles, Berlin


Mimi Messner & Clint Lutes

Lucky Wahl

Amaraoui Nabih & Burner Matthieu

No Filter

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Choreography // Amaraoui Nabih & Burner Matthieu

Performance // Amaraoui Nabih & Burner Matthieu

Music // Franz Treichler, edited by Matthieu Burner

Support // DOCK 11

Nancy Banfi

Ohne Titel

Choreography // Nancy Banfi

Performance // Olga Tzikouli & Nancy Banfi

Music // Michelangelo Contini

Outside Eye // Michelangelo Contini

Deborah Black

She Sells Seashells

Choreography // Deborah Black

Performance // Deborah Black

Music // Isaac Everett

Costumes // Deborah Black

Support // Anna Jordan & Heather Inglis

Julia Galas & Steffi Sembdner


Choreography // Julia Galas & Steffi Sembdner

Performance // Julia Galas & Steffi Sembdner

Music // I`ll Be Gone by Tom Waits

Costumes // Julia Galas & Steffi Sembdner

Elizabeth Williams


Choreography // Elizabeth Williams

Performance // Elizabeth Williams

Music // Ansgar Tappert & Matthias Herrmann

Costumes // Christophe Linere

Support // Julia Christ

Maya Lipsker


Choreography // Maya Lipsker

Performance // Maya Lipsker & Clint Lutes

Music // Sufjan Stevens, Sound editing Sibin Vasselev & Volker Schumacher

Premiere // produced for 11DOCK11

Support // DOCK11

Photo Credit // Walter Bickmann

Florian Lisken


Choreography // Florian Lisken

Performance // Florian Lisken

Music // Collage of noise, space signals, vocal excerpts from “On the Highway” by Michael Schiefe

Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

They Survived

Choreography // Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

Performance // Ini Dill & Thomas Jacoby

Music // Salterello by Micrologus, Salve Regina in F minor by Pergolesi

Costumes // Ini Dill

Support // Mime Centrum Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Tanzprobebühne Marameo

Photo Credit // Walter Bickmann

Ahn Eun Me

Let Me Change Your Name

Choreography // Ahn Eun Me

Performance // Matthieu Burner, Melanie Lane, Lim Hyun Ae, Clint Lutes, Ricardo de Paula, Shin Sol

Music // Jang Young Gyu

Premiere // Co-Produktion in the frame of Asien-Pazifik-Wochen 2005 and Seoul Performing Arts Festival, 20./21. September in Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Support // Haus der Kulturen der Welt, DOCK11, Korea Foundation

Photo Credit // Walter Bickmann

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