"The Wall"

(c) Thomas Hoepker / Magnum - Design: Amy Stafford Blixa 6 studios

(c) Ini Dill

(c) Polys Peslikas

(c) El Asardo

(c) Tami Weiss

(c) Sofia Pintzou

(c) Jesús Anton

(c) Margherita Elliot

(c) Poncho Hernandez

LUCKY TRIMMER is cult and invites you to a new tour de force for its second 2014 edition. To celebrate the conjuncture of its 10th birthday and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, LUCKY TRIMMER introduces for the first time ever a themed evening packed with a waterfall of World, European and German premieres. “The Wall” navigates through the underground and troubled waters of the national and international dance and performance art scene. Out of over 200 applications our unassimilated and weatherproof jury has selected those pieces which in a surprising, convincing, controversial, astonishing, wondrous or simply fun way delve into diverse aspects of topics such as division, identity or belonging. Of course our 10‐minute‐limit per piece is as always holy and unavoidable. The result is a choppy and adventurous journey with 8 stopovers. This time on board of the creative ark are deep rooted origins for prejudice and division, forces that are imposed on us, a reflection on what constrains or frees us, a cry for equal rights, political statements and social criticism as well as a strife for togetherness and unity.


31 October 2014 - 20:00
01 November 2014 - 17:00 & 20:00
SOPHIENSAELE Berlin, Festsaal
Sophienstr. 18, 10178 Berlin-Mitte
Tickets: 15/10 Euro - Booking: 030 283 52 66


With a special After Show Birthday Party with Nitzsche & Hummel

31.10.2014 - 22:00 till late




WITH Tania Garrido Monreal (ES), Sofia Pintzou (GR/Berlin), Rachel Erdos (ISL/GB), ColectivoTú y yo (MX), Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry (GB), Elena Antoniou (CY), Lucía Marote (CR/ES), Ini Dill (AT/Berlin)


The Wall is a LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. event co-produced by MACHOL SHALEM Dance House, Egomio Cultural Center, L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility in collaboration with SOPHIENSÆLE. LUCKY TRIMMER has navigated its ship of ideas through unsettled waters, armed with a small, loyal battalion of supporters, yet overlooked by those running the lighthouses. We kindly thank our network of private sponsors, volunteers and friends, our media partners as well as the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and the Cultural Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Germany.